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About us

BETONDIS is a worldwide trading platform determined for purchase managers, investors who are existing professional buyers, and wholesale suppliers. Welcome to a place where we connect supply and demand with a full suite of tools to enable B2B commerce.

Betondis helps you:

- to find the right investors for your business worldwide.

- to find the best producers for your innovative products.

- to find products and suppliers quickly and efficiently.

- to sell/buy property worldwide. 


Our role?

- brings you the full spectrum of global investment option.

- knows your future business partners personally.

- is your connection to the global market.

- helps buyers find products and suppliers quickly and efficiently. is the place where

- the best suppliers meet the most relevant customers.

- the investors find the best business opportunities.


Betondis Network

map_betondis.com_3_1 has got the local branches all around the world to support your business.