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Newcomers Guideline


Welcome to worldwide trading platform determined for purchase managers, investors who are existing professional buyers, and wholesale suppliers. Betondis is a place where we connect supply and demand with a full suite of tools to enable B2B commerce. We are pleased you are whiling to become a member of betondis and advertise worldwide.


1) It´s FREE! To view details of advertisements, you need to have to be sign in, but registration and adding a new advertisement is free.

2) You made a registration, great job! New you can fully browse the platform for interesting advertisement, and when you find what you are looking for, then you can contact a sales representative, for more information.

3) Didn´t find what are you looking for? No worries! You can publish your own advertisement in your account, to let others know what you need.

4) In the right corner of the page, you have entry to your account, which takes you to your dashboard information. It looks empty, but not for long. On the left menu bar, choose if you want to offer or demand.

5) When you entered „my offers“ or „my demands“, you will see on the right side button „ADD NEW“, click on it. You will enter the publishing form. Fill all available information. Don´t forget, that this is your selling tool. So try to make the text informative, positive, eye catching and choose a great picture!

6) Congratulation! You add your first advertisement. New our sale representative, will only look on the details, and in a very short time, approve your advertisement. You will receive a message, when the ad is published.

7) Be more visible! Show that you mean it, and promote your advertisement. It will help you to be visible at all times, for bigger business audience. More information about promoting, you will find here.

Contacting a sales representative, or being contacted.

Great news – we do have a match. Two BETONDIS users, find what they are looking for. Now is the biggest advantage of platform coming in, and that is our sales representative supervision. We help to bring you only the most suitable business contacts, which have all necessarily information, and the contacting user has been approved.


1) First of all we get all necessarily information from the contactor and make an approval of the contact.

2) We pass collected information to the advertiser, who had been approved, when he posted the advertisement.

3) The sales representative guide the business contact until the deal is made! We save your time, give you protection, and are supportive all the time. This is your business – BETONDIS.