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Company BETONDIS was established in Canada, based on the idea of ​​two longtime business partners looking for new investment opportunities for their business. They had been thinking about ways how to make their business more efficient and at the same time ensure the interconnection of other investors and partners across continents. This led into an idea to introduce this unique and global trading platform - BETONDIS.

Development of the system began in 2016 and a year later, this platform, enabling an effective and efficient trading of services, commodities and projects around the world, was introduced and started to help our business partners to explore new opportunities and possibilities for their success. The uniqueness of the BETONDIS platform is in the efficient and intelligent interconnection of individual bids and offers, helping to find new business and investment opportunities. BETONDIS is a part of the Rock & Land corporations holding.


"We bet on this," this was the idea we have incorporated into the name of our company and logo. We believe that our ideas, instincts and needs will become a part of you, our business partners and BETONDIS will help you efficiently, quickly and easily expand your business opportunities around The World.


Grow your business and success with us.



November 27th 2019

- Paulo Marcelo Pinent Tigre accepted to be member of BSBP

November 20th 2019

- The offer for cooperation in SABOD at BETONDIS PEOPLE was accepted by a very charismatic and experienced woman, Mrs. Eva Anderová

October 25th, 2019

- New of the day : we have new offers for WTI Crude oil

October 22nd, 2019

- Our costumers are required  new commodity as Aliminium, Cooper, Chicago wheat, London sugar

October 17th, 2019

- Today special EN590 10PPM Diesel for very low price!

October 10th, 2019

- Oil production will be cut by 1.2 million barrels a day. We have plenty of suppliers if you need any oil products.



December 09th 2019

BETONDIS exceeded available deals value 60 billion USD


November 27th 2019

BETONDIS exceeded available deals value 57 billion USD


October 8th 2019

BETONDIS exceeded available deals value 45 billion USD


September 27th 2019

BETONDIS exceeded available deals value 43 billion USD


August 15th 2019

BETONDIS exceeded available deals value 40 billion USD


August 9th 2019

BETONDIS exceeded available deals value 38 billion USD


July 8th 2019

BETONDIS exceeded available deals value 35 billion USD


June 18th 2019

BETONDIS exceeded available deals value 11 billion USD


June 12th 2019

BETONDIS exceeded available deals value 8 billion USD


May 22nd 2019

BETONDIS exceeded available deals value 5 billion USD


April 18th 2019

Betondis is now offering FUNDING and business INSURANCE assistance.


April 18th 2019

Betondis has entered into further  cooperation, with the POWERBAND Solutions portal, which operates in the vehicle market.


April 9th 2019

The Government of the Czech Republic has approved the joint recommendation of the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic and the Czech National Bank not to set a target date for adopting EURO in the Czech Republic yet.

The decision is based on information contained in this year’s “Assessment of the Fulfilment of the Maastricht Convergence Criteria and the Degree of Economic Alignment of the Czech Republic with the Euro Area”. This document maps out the Czech Republic’s economic preparedness for adopting EURO and the Government has been assessing it every year since the Czech Republic joined the European Union (2004).

BETONDIS operations are denominated in US dollars, but products indicated there can be traded in any other currency.


December 11th 2018

Top industrial and export annual meeting took place at the Prague Castle. BETONDIS as one of the leaders took part here.


October 21st 2018

BETONDIS exceeded available deals value 4 billion USD


September 2nd 2018

BETONDIS exceeded available deals value 2 billion USD


August 14th 2018

BETONDIS exceeded available deals value 1 billion USD


June 1st 2018

BETONDIS enters the global online market!


May 29th 2018 published first offers and demands!


May 20th 2018 presents the EVENTS! The users get excelent benefits as free entry tickets to fairs and exhibitions, invitations to special conferences, etc.


May 3rd 2018

BETONDIS.COM launches 20 new categories, currently having 160 exclusive business opportunities!