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Industry & Manufacturing

Industry & Manufacturing

Offer Bitumen Different Grades

Bitumen Different Grades

Contact us for price 50 Ton Different grades of HIGH QUALITY Bitumen ( refinery product) with competitive price Please sign in
Demand Mackerel fish

Mackerel fish

Contact us for price 4 000 Piece Product: Horse/Jack Mackerel frozen fish (known as well as Chinchard, Scad) Standard: International European Standard Please sign in
Offer Tipper trucks

Tipper trucks

52 000$ 10 Unit / (Min. Order) HOWO tipper trucks available in tanzanis daresalaam can supply to other countries I the African continent. Contact for PI Please sign in
Offer Logistics


53 000$ 10 Unit / (Min. Order) SinoTruck units available now in Kenya Nairobi and Tanzanian daresalaam Please sign in
Demand Copper


7 900$ 100 000 Ton 99.8% copper Please sign in
Offer Slovakian Cristal

Slovakian Cristal

Contact us for price 10 Container / (Min. Order) Beautiful Cristal Glass from Slovakia Please sign in
Offer Kitchen Accessories

Kitchen Accessories

Contact us for price 20 Container / (Min. Order) Kitchen accessories made in China Please sign in
Offer Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom Accessories

Contact us for price 10 Container / (Min. Order) Bathroom accessories made in China Please sign in
Offer Electronics


Contact us for price 80 Metric Ton Electronic goods for sale Please sign in
Offer Lumber


Contact us for price 1 Unit Canadian Lumber for sale Please sign in
Demand Chemical Tanker

Chemical Tanker

10 000 000$ 1 Piece Chemical Tanker 50 000 ton Please sign in
Offer Windows and Doors

Windows and Doors

300 000$ 1 Piece Windows Doors and Locks Please sign in
Offer CNC Component

CNC Component

1 500 000$ 1 Piece CNC Pecision Turned Comonent Please sign in
Offer Street Furniture

Street Furniture

10 000 000$ 1 Piece Street Furniture Manufacturer Spain Please sign in
Offer Marble & Granite

Marble & Granite

2 000 000$ 1 Piece Prestigious Marble and Granite Fabrication Please sign in
Offer COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test Device

COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test Device

Contact us for price 100 000 Piece COVID-19 antigen tests available CIF, FOB Czech Republic Please sign in
Demand Bitumen 60/70

Bitumen 60/70

550$ 100 000 Metric Ton 100 000 MT monthly x12 Please sign in
Offer Steel


4 500 000$ 1 Piece Structural steel manufacturing Please sign in
Offer Generators


5 000 000$ 1 Piece Generator and Marine Electrical Manufactures Please sign in
Offer Precision Manufacturing

Precision Manufacturing

450 000$ 1 Piece Precision Manufacturing With Gverment Contracts Please sign in