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TOP Demands

Rye Grain
Rye Grain
250$ 3 000 Metric Ton

Organic rye grain 3000 MT x12

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Powder Milk
Powder Milk
Contact us for price 2 Container

Make an offer for powder milk for Vietnam

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Indian Tea
Indian Tea
Contact us for price 1 Container

Buyer would like to receve quotations for Indian Tea

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TOP Offers

Colourful EPDM
Colourful EPDM
Contact us for price 25 Ton

Multi color ruber granulas

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Natural gas
Natural gas
6.70$ 1 000 000 000 Meter³

1,000,000,000 m3 per year Russian origin Natural gas

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Turkish Marble
Turkish Marble
Contact us for price 300 Ton

Turkish marble company, being specialised in production of different kinds of beige marble, is looking for distributors.

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Offer Dried Chilli

Dried Chilli

2 000$ 15 Ton / (Min. Order) Sun dried and then Oven dried Red hot Chilli Please sign in
Offer Organic Honey

Organic Honey

Contact us for price 10 000 Metric Ton Natural Honey for India Please sign in


480$ 30 000 Metric Ton Well, there's really basically just ONE very simple but crucial thing that Seller need to do, provide (get your Seller to provide) the buyer with some good, tangible, readily VERIFIABLE PROOFS and EVIDENCE, that we can verify if Jet Fuel exists. Please sign in
Offer Resort & Wellnes

Resort & Wellnes

Contact us for price 1 Contract Salt water resort Please sign in
Demand  EN590 10PMM

EN590 10PMM

490$ 50 000 Ton Want EN590 10PPM CIF to 2 destination ports in Aisa, each shipment only is accepted around 7000mt, 500000MT-100000MT per month, for an annual contract. Please sign in
Offer 4star Lodge

4star Lodge

14 000 000$ 1 Contract 4star Lodge Near Panoramaroute In Limpopo Please sign in
Offer Farm In Turkey

Farm In Turkey

890 000$ 1 Contract offer 27.000sq meters farm in Turkey Please sign in
Offer Dry Soya Milk

Dry Soya Milk

Contact us for price 5 Container Soy dry milk from Mexico Please sign in
Demand Iron Ore

Iron Ore

200$ 100 000 Metric Ton Iron Ore CIF China Please sign in
Offer Soy Milk Powder

Soy Milk Powder

490$ 1 000 Metric Ton soy milk powder from Mexico Please sign in
Offer Water


0.70$ 500 000 Liter Spring water from Tatra moutains Please sign in
Offer Weat


180$ 10 000 Metric Ton Harvest of 2022 weat Please sign in
Offer Tuna Fish Can

Tuna Fish Can

Contact us for price 1 000 Metric Ton High quality tuna fish origin Mexico Please sign in
Offer A1 jet fuel

A1 jet fuel

68$ 1 000 000 Barrel Russian origin A1 jet fuel Please sign in
Demand EN590 10 PPM

EN590 10 PPM

250$ 50 000 Piece 50.000 ton/month to asia in one year totally 600.000 ton/year Please sign in
Offer SunflowerOil


1 485$ 10 000 Ton Only for serious buyer. Please sign in
Offer Vanila


250$ 2 000 Kilogram Vanila spices Please sign in
Offer Colourful EPDM

Colourful EPDM

Contact us for price 25 Ton Multi color ruber granulas Please sign in
Offer Thailand Sugar

Thailand Sugar

540$ 1 000 Metric Ton / (Min. Order) Thailand sugar has a Certificate of Origin. Please sign in
Offer Hotel La Corona Manila

Hotel La Corona Manila

9 284 275$ 1 Contract Formerly Hotel La Corona Manila with 57 total rooms, 1 restaurant, 2 function rooms and 1 meeting room for sale as land and building. Please sign in